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Are you considering investing significant capital in mining or explorations stocks? If so, you’ve come to the right site.

I’m Ray Mullaney. I have over thirty years of professional mining investment experience and I’ve been­ an insider in the industry; I’ve been on the boards of several exploration companies, I have significant technical knowledge of exploration and I have a rolodex filed with names of world-class exploration and mining investment professionals.

I’ve owned and I’ve been a partner in a securities brokerage firms, and a registered investment advisory firm that specialized in exploration stock research and raising investment capital in exploration and mining stocks. I know the business, but I don’t future prices of stocks or commodities.

I do not offer “investment advice” in the traditional sense. I provide insight, information and make introductions to people who can help you make better investment decisions. Over the past 30 years I have made and lost millions investing in mining stocks. I will share what I’ve learned.

Before investing in a mining or exploration stock, call us, without obligation or cost, we’ll share information and make introductions. You can benefit from introductions to companies with major opportunities and to people who will provide you with truly independent opinions; we’ll help you find both. They are never the same people.

This is a speculative industry, with far more failures than successes. A few successes can make all the difference. In this business, research and contacts can make the difference between failure and success. But even more than good research and great contacts, your timing must be right.



For the past five years’ metals prices and mining stocks have been declining; 90% of mining stocks have fallen 90% or so. I think this bear market has either ended or will end soon. That’s why I’ve re-established Boston Mining, again.

Three reasons for optimism in the mining sector:

1) At current metals prices many/most mines are losing money and will close, therefore supply will contract. If demand stays constant, prices will rise.

2) As third world countries continue to industrialize, the demand for metals will rise, and so will metals prices and prices of metal’s producers and explorers.

3) The US and European countries pay bills (and keep their power) with borrowed money. The purchasing power of all western currencies will fall as they print and borrow more money. Anything that must stop, will stop – America cannot borrow our way to prosperity. Our trade deficit, our growing nation’s debt and the rising cost of interest on our debt will reduce our future economic competitiveness and economic growth. Eventually, as we move towards junk bond status, our cost of borrowing will rise, precious metals may be seen as a better “store of value” than stocks and currencies.

My macro-economic analysis may be flawed, but ultimately, supply and demand determines all prices. Can you imagine a world without metal, will fewer or more people want to live in an industrialized nation? In the final analysis, increased demand for metals, in the long run, will mean higher prices. Metal producers will have their day in the sun, someday.


Today’s Markets:

Prudent investors are encouraged to invest in only the strongest companies, there’s not many out there. Speculators can still find companies with exceptional opportunities. The companies you’ll learn about at Boston Mining are all speculative, because no one knows when metals prices will rise. Therefore, only invest what you can afford to lose.

I’m available for private business consultations and to speak before your business or civic organization. You can learn about me and my public speaking at http://raymullaney.com/media-recognition/


Raymond Michael Mullaney