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Aug 3, 2016 @ 4:14pm: CAD$0.075


“With a market cap of approximately USD$15 million, Iberian Minerals (TSX:IML) has the potential for price explosion. The company Iberian Minerals has a misleading name (in my view) because the greatest value I see in the company is in a wholly-owned subsidiary called MineWorX. MineWorX Technologies owns patent-pending gold-mining and extraction processes. Their technology has the potential to lower costs, reduce pollution, reduce the time for permitting and increase the concentration of metal extracted from ore in a shorter period of time than current extraction technologies. Their technologies could improve the profitability for tens of thousands of existing mines across North America and the world and allow thousands of currently-unprofitable mines to be reopened and operated profitably. This company has a USD$15 million market cap: if it were a sure thing, the market cap would be, I’m guessing, in the hundreds of millions. Whether their technologies will work or not must be considered entirely speculative until they are proven. This company offers the potential for tremendous profits, and it is also entirely speculative. I like the management.”

–Raymond Mullaney, August 3, 2016

Company Description:

With the 100% acquisition of Mineworx Technologies, Iberian Minerals has now entered a new paradigm in gold mining. The Mineworx unique and patent-pending HM X-tract portable extraction process and innovative new business model will see Iberian Minerals & Mineworx become a leader in mining technology.

We are focused on evaluating gold properties in the south western United States, where there are literally thousands of small to mid-sized gold mining opportunities for which the Mineworx technologies can advance projects for property owners who cannot advance their deposits due to financial, environmental or logistical reasons.

We presently have a short list of future properties in this region to begin working and will ramp up production of additional HM X-tract units, along with related new technologies in the mining industry, which we are presently working on at our fabrication facility in Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Company Office
Address: Suite 102, 1603 – 91 St
Edmonton, Alberta
Email: info@iberianminerals.ca
Phone: (780) 628-3823
Fax: (250) 247-7393

Accounting Office Address
390 Hill Road
British Columbia
V0R 1X2
Email: shiela@iberianminerals.ca
Phone: (250) 247-9490
Fax: (250) 247-7393

Transfer Agent
Computershare Trust Company Of Canada
600-530 8 AVE SW, CALGARY AB T2P 3S8
Tel (403) 267 6800