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Ray Mullaney began investing in Canadian exploration stocks in the 1970s.

In 1980, Ray founded Capital Investors, Inc., a Boston-based NASDAQ investment broker dealer focused on mining and value stocks. Over the past 35 years, Ray ran investment research and management companies, and was active in investment banking and promotion of junior mining companies. Last year, Ray closed his RIA to focus on real estate and the junior mining industries.

Ray was an early investor in The Carlin Trend (thanks to John Tumazos of www.VeryIndependentResearch.com). In 1984 Ray bought shares in Newmont at $10.00 a share; by 1987 they rose to $54.00 a share. That win convinced him to focus more of his time and money investing in minerals exploration stocks.

Ray began visiting Vancouver mining companies in the late 1980s. He learned his investment “lessons” meeting with and investing in the junior mining companies promoted by Murray Pezim, Chet Idziszek, Ron Netolitzky, Larry Page, Ned Goodman, Peter Brown, Mike Muzylowski, Mac Watson, Ron Little, Mark Bailey, Ken Shannon, Bob Willis, Henk van Alphen, Scott Weekes and many other giants in mining.

In 1998 Ray started www.BostonMining.com. He was the first analyst to recommend Altius Minerals; it rose from $0.35 a share to $30.06 a share. A $10,000 investment grew to $860,000 in 9 years. He also produced reports on Goldcorp at $2.15; Indochina Goldfields at $0.81; Sutton at $3.58; Southwestern at $2.28; Aur Resources at $1.80; Minefinders at $0.95: IAM Gold at $2.54; Orezone at $0.50; Tan Range at $0.48 and Corriente at $1.35. Within five years, these 10 stocks had average gains close to 1,000%.

Since 1988, Ray promoted and/or was on the Board of Directors of 10 Canadian exploration companies. Ray Mullaney is an active public speaker, and real estate professional with William Pitt Sotheby’s Int’l Realty in Southport on the Harbor, CT. (See his other sites www.RayMullaney.com and www.HomePriceResearch.com.)

Ray served on President Reagan’s “White House Conference on Small Business”.

Ray’s work has appeared in The New York Times, the Boston Globe, Standard & Poor’s Pension Reporter, The Chicago Sun Times, USA Today, Nations Business, The Wall Street Journal and many other media outlets.

Ray has been interviewed on radio & television in Boston and New York City.

Ray served the Governor’s Advisory Committee in the State of Massachusetts.

Equities Magazine, on Ray: “a veteran investment advisor with a distinguished record of stock market forecasting and forensic accounting”.

In 2005, Ray was given the “Most Distinguished Alumni” from Stony Brook University.

Ray’s most recent report entitled: “Strategic Options for the US Economy” can be found at http://RayMullaney.com/articles-reports

Ray and his wife of 37 years live in their homes in Bridgeport, Connecticut and North Kingstown, Rhode Island.